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Preparing for cosmetic surgery is an exciting time, full of new information and possibilities. As you meet with potential surgeons and start planning logistics, it will also be important to consider your emotional health. While an overwhelming majority of patients are thrilled with their decision long-term, cosmetic surgery recovery typically includes both ups and downs…. Continue Reading »

Many industries are finally seeing significant growth and recovery after being hit by the staggering recession of 2008 and the field of cosmetic surgery is no exception. In 2013, spending on both noninvasive and surgical cosmetic procedures rose to the highest level in years, topping $12 billion overall. The year saw a 12% increase in… Continue Reading »

The fields of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick last Saturday. On the eve of the memorial service to celebrate his life, I am compelled to share with our readers my esteem for his vision, innovation, accomplishments, and contribution to his specialty. Indeed, the practice of… Continue Reading »

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