Seattle Hand Rejuvenation

Younger Looking Hands with Radiesse

As we get older, we frequently focus on visible signs of aging on the face. But did you know your hands can give away your age just as easily as your face? Not to mention that your hands are often treated rougher and are often exposed to the elements, meaning signs of aging may be even more dramatic.

For years, Dr. Sobel has been using Radiesse®, an FDA-approved injectable filler, to soften deep lines in the face. Now, you can experience the same rejuvenation effects on your hands! With Radiesse, natural volume can be restored to the hands in minutes and the results can last up to one year or more.

Your Hand Rejuvenation Experience

Treatment options for the hands have previously been limited and required multiple visits to attain a desired result. A single treatment with Radiesse can significantly diminish the appearance of veins and tendons in the hand by plumping the skin in these areas.

Experience You Can Trust:

Dr. Sobel has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures.

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Dr. Sobel will begin by evaluating the condition of your hands and listening to your concerns to determine if hand rejuvenation with Radiesse will provide you with the desired results. If you are a good candidate, he will precisely place a series of injections to fill in depressions, smooth wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of accentuated tendons, paying careful attention to the structure of your hand to ensure natural-looking results.

Your treatment should take no more than 20 minutes, and you should begin seeing positive results over the course of a few days. Your hands will look dramatically smoother and younger, and you can enjoy these results for up to one year.

Some patients may benefit from additional treatments with Thermage. This nonsurgical skin tightening procedure can help reduce the appearance of loose skin on the hands.

If you’re curious if Radiesse hand rejuvenation is a good fit for you, contact us today to schedule your complimentary appointment with Dr. Sobel!