Breast Implant Removal Seattle

If there’s one guarantee in life, it’s that things are going to change. If one thing that has changed for you is how you feel about your breast implants, you might consider having them removed, or explanted, by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Sobel believes that breast implant removal should be approached with the same degree of care and personalization called for with any cosmetic breast procedure. His goal, like yours, is to help you fully address your concerns, accomplish your goals, and achieve the most aesthetically pleasing outcome possible.

What are my options for explantation?

There are many safe, effective procedure options for removing breast implants. Dr. Sobel will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate explantation technique for your case. Options may include:

  • En bloc capsulectomy. With this technique, Dr. Sobel will remove the breast implant and surrounding capsule of scar tissue as one piece, keeping the capsule intact and the implant sealed inside. While en bloc capsulectomy requires a longer scar along the bottom of the breast fold, it is usually the best procedure option for patients who have suspected or diagnosed cancer (such as BIA-ALCL) or a ruptured silicone implant.
  • Complete or total capsulectomy. Like the en bloc capsulectomy, the total capsulectomy removes the entirety of the breast implant and capsule. However, the breast implant is removed from the capsule first, followed by the capsulectomy. This allows for a shorter scar, and a total capsulectomy is appropriate in the majority of breast implant removal cases.
  • Partial capsulectomy. In some cases, it may be the most appropriate option to leave a portion of the capsule in the breast. For instance, if the capsule is adhered very closely to the ribs, and there is no known or suspected cancer, it often is safer for the patient to leave that portion of the capsule to avoid harming the surrounding tissues.
  • Breast lift with explantation. In certain cases, a breast lift may be necessary to address sagging skin after explantation and ensure the nipple/areola is restored to the most naturally, aesthetically pleasing position. Patients who are having very large implants removed, or who have considerable stretched, excess skin may be candidates for this procedure.
  • Explantation with fat grafting. If you would like your implants removed, but you also would like to retain some additional fullness in your breasts, Dr. Sobel may be able to restore some volume and shape by relocating fat from another area to your breasts. Good candidates for this procedure must have enough fat to safely remove with liposuction from an area such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, or lower back.
  • Breast lift removal and replacement. If you would like smaller or larger implants than you currently have, or you would like to improve the shape or symmetry of your previous breast augmentation, Dr. Sobel can help you choose implants that better suit your needs now, as well as make improvements to breast symmetry, shape, and position during the removal and replacement procedure.

Should I have my breast implants removed?

Occasionally, breast implant removal is recommended for patients to treat a complication, such as capsular contracture or an implant rupture. Many times, however, it comes down to personal preferences: perhaps your breast implants no longer fit your lifestyle, your aesthetic preferences have changed, or your breasts have changed and no longer look the way you want. Some patients also come to us concerned that their breast implants may be impacting their health in some way.

We respect all of our patients personal reasons for wanting to remove their breast implants, and will listen to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Learn more at a free cosmetic consultation

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