Your Breast Implant Options in Seattle

Women hoping to improve the size and shape of their breasts have more breast implant options than ever. From saline to silicone, round to teardrop shaped, you can choose the perfect breast implants to achieve the look you want. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, keep reading to learn more about your breast implant options at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery.

Silicone: Today’s Most Popular Choice

With silicone breast implants, your new breasts can have a more natural look and feel than with saline implants. Silicone implants more closely imitate natural breast tissue because they are filled with a thick, cohesive substance.

Early fears about silicone implants have been eliminated by two factors: first, the new generation of cohesive implants don’t allow silicone to migrate should an implant shell be compromised, and second, numerous studies have proven silicone breast implants to be a very safe choice for most women. Note that the FDA recommends women be over age 22 to get silicone implants, however some doctors will use the implants “off label” for women over age 18.

Saline: A Traditional, Flexible Choice

Saline implants are comprised of a salt water solution inside a flexible shell. While their watery filling does not feel quite like natural breast tissue, on the other hand, saline implants offer some advantages. Some women simply feel more comfortable with saline given past controversy about silicone implants. However, the main benefit that currently inspires surgeons and patients to still choose the saline option is the fact that saline implants can be adjusted for size on the operating table. Certain incision options might also lead your surgeon to recommend saline implants because they can be filled after placement.

Special Offer for Breast Enhancement Patients:
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Here at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery, our primary goal is making sure our patients feel well taken care of, comfortable, and thrilled with their experience and results. We know recovery can be a tough time emotionally and physically, so we want to treat our breast enhancement patients to a special gift (and a little pampering!).

After your breast enhancement procedure with breast implants, we want to offer you a choice of one complimentary treatment or product:

  • Love your lips: one free syringe of lip filler
  • Lose your lines: one complimentary BOTOX treatment
  • Lengthen your lashes: one 3mL Latisse eyelash enhancement kit, on us

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No Implants: Fat Grafting to the Breasts

Some clients are good candidates for breast augmentation with fat grafting. This procedure involves the harvest of fat from another area of your body for augmentation of the breast. No foreign implant material is used in this procedure. This procedure is also known as autologous fat transfer to the breast, free fat grafting, or BAMBI (Breast Augmentation and Mammoplasty by Injection).

When it comes to breast implants, one size does not fit all. When you work with Dr. Alexander Sobel, you will be given personalized attention. It is absolutely critical to the success of your surgery that every parameter of your implants be carefully considered. It’s not as simple as picking a correct size: the implant’s base width will significantly affect your results, as will the implant profile.

Dr. Sobel will discuss your goals and help you choose the best implant type, size, and profile to achieve your desired results. Procedures are generally performed at a private surgical facility in Bellevue, Washington; however Dr. Anderson and Dr. Sobel maintain privileges as Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington and Valley General Hospital in Monroe, Washington respectively.

Although individual results vary, our patients generally express complete satisfaction with their look. We believe our unique approach to this procedure, including sizing, helps women feel fully satisfied with their new shape. Many women also find that their posture improves, and they feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

If you have been considering breast augmentation, we at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery are here to help ensure you have a positive experience. Call our offices at 425.453.9060 or fill out our form online, if you have questions or would like to get started. We provide free consultations.