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Facelift Patient #2441 **

Procedures: Facelift

This patient came to us with concerns about sagging in the face and neck after a forty pound weight loss. Losing weight is a great achievement that sometimes results in sagging skin and loss of skin tone, which in turn creates jowls and sagging. Like many who have lost a significant amount of weight, she didn’t feel like her sagging skin mirrored the image she felt inside. To restore a more youthful appearance and contour the jowl area, Dr. Sobel performed a face lift. This patient is thrilled with the outcome and loves her results so much that she came back for a tummy tuck to complete her post weight loss makeover.

** individual results may vary. you will be able to see more patient before and after photos during your consultation. photos are of actual Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery patients and are shown with permission.