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Rhinoplasty Patient #2967 **

Procedures: Rhinoplasty Age: 20 Skin Tone: medium

This 20 year old young woman, studying in the United States, desired improvement of the aesthetics of her nose. She also wanted to improve her breathing ability. As a toddler, she broke her nose and was unable to pursue the care she desired until this point. Not only did she share with us that she was thrilled with her result and her breathing, she was unexpectedly overjoyed with her new found enjoyment of food. She explained to Dr. Sobel that she did not realize how much taste she had been missing her whole life from her previously undiagnosed poor sense of smell. She has participated in a number of commercials for Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery and her outcome is among our favorite stories.

** individual results may vary. you will be able to see more patient before and after photos during your consultation. photos are of actual Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery patients and are shown with permission.