Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Reviews: 21

August 28, 2014
Words cant express my excitement and total…

Words cant express my excitement and total satisfaction regarding the successful results in all my treatments.
If you are looking for a renowned cosmetic surgeon in WA? Dr. Sobel is IT!!! He is famously known and ultimately dedicated to achieving a natural post-surgical look. He provides a warm and welcoming private atmosphere will always answer any questions you may have. Lot of integrity and amazing work he do’s!

— Serenity Bliss Holistic Center

March 17, 2014
I have been seeing Dr. Sobel for about four…

I have been seeing Dr. Sobel for about four months working to correct an adverse reaction to a filler injection that happened at a different clinic. He has been so patient and friendly during this process and the staff has been very welcoming and friendly as well. I strongly recommend Dr. Sobel for your asesthetic needs.

—Carol S.

February 21, 2014
My wife recently lost a large amount of weight…

My wife recently lost a large amount of weight and was looking to tighten up a bit more than her exercise regiment would allow. After interviewing a number of doctors she came home excited with the interview at Anderson Sobel. She was very comfortable with the staff and felt they understood her concerns and it was all about her well being and not just another client. From the outside looking in, they went above and beyond what either one of us expected with a blend of skill and concern making the entire experience and results exceed our expectations. I would recommend this team to my closest friends and relatives.

—Walt D.

February 19, 2014
3 months ago I had a pretty major procedure…

3 months ago I had a pretty major procedure and I have to say that the staff in the office as well as Dr. Sobel have been nothing but wonderful.   Not only do I feel like I had great medical care but they took the time before and after to make sure I am aware of the entire process.    They've been really supportive.   I have even called after hours looking for support and have received call backs – weekends, evenings, you name it.   I really appreciate the fact that privacy is a priority there as well.   My appointments have all been punctual and positive.  I definitely recommend Dr. Sobel and his staff.

—Leigh F.

February 9, 2014
Getting any cosmetic surgery is scary especially…

Getting any cosmetic surgery is scary especially considering the consequences should something go wrong but Dr. Sobel is the best in his area of expertise! His office staff is AMAZING!! Little to no wait times and they are always friendly and enthusiastic. He is always excited about the follow-ups with his patients and will always give you a honest answer.  Every time I go there or call, I’m treated very well and leave feeling confident and wonderful about my decision to choose him to perform my cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sobel’s supporting physicians have an incredible range and depth of medical experience that contribute tremendously overall to his practice. It was money very well spent and I do not regret my decision choosing Dr. Sobel.

—Derek B.

January 28, 2014
You all are amazing! I'm so glad my research…

You all are amazing! I'm so glad my research led me to Dr. Sorbel and his fantastic staff. 100% completely satisfied, from my consultation, surgery and my two follow up appointments! Thanks for taking such great care of me ♥

—Linda D.

January 28, 2014
Everyone is so nice. I appreciate the good…

Everyone is so nice. I appreciate the good care I have received.

—Denise C.

January 28, 2014
I love everything about your business. Everyone…

I love everything about your business. Everyone is so nice and friendly plus your staff takes the time I need to better understand my surgeries and what to expect in the healing process. Even when I don't like to hear the "I can't do things for X amount of weeks". I know it's for my own good…

—Victoria S.

August 28, 2013
I recently had a breast lift with a breast…

I recently had a breast lift with a breast augmentation with Dr. Sobel. I had a 50 pound weight loss over the last year and this has been something I had wanted to do for myself for a long time. From the time I had my consultation, to the day I had my procedure, I experienced excellent, professional care. Dr. Sobel is very kind, he listened to my concerns, I never felt rushed and he treated me like I was his only patient. His office staff is very nice too (Nicole was awesome and very helpful). I am so happy with my results and I got exactly what I wanted! This procedure has helped my self confidence, posture and I look amazing in my clothes. I have no regrets at all and would do it all over again if I had to. Thank you Dr. Sobel and staff!!

— Julie Davis

August 28, 2012
OMG!! I have never written a review about…

OMG!! I have never written a review about anything ever, but my experience today with Dr. Sobel makes me feel compelled to. This guy is brilliant. He is so confident in his abilities to do a great job that it instantly makes you put your trust in him. And rightly so. I had my ice packs going when he came in and he promptly told me I wouldn’t need them. Huh? “There won’t be any bruising”. Huh again? There has always been bruising with every doctor I’ve ever gone to. Well, he was right. He was so self assured about his abilities, he put me instantly at ease and I handed my complete trust over to him. Not only is he top notch , he has a sense of humor, and takes the time to actually talk to you! Dr. Litwit was also very good and the staff were friendly. The atmosphere was relaxing and the decor very nice indeed. I especially like the discretion of payment for the procedure. There’s nothing worse than someone calling out how much your bill is at the reception desk upon leaving.
I feel I have finally found the right doctor for me. I just now checked in the mirror after the inevitable and expected swelling has subsided and I am delighted!!

— Mandi Mac