Get Longer Lashes with Latisse in Seattle

Latisse_LogoSomething as simple as not having the full eyelashes you want can make you feel incomplete.  If you suffer from hypotrichosis or feel that your eyelashes are inadequate, consider treating your condition with Latisse®. This safe and effective lash treatment will give you fuller, longer, and more beautiful lashes throughout the course of treatment. We’ll help you explore this revolutionary treatment and discuss whether Latisse can help you with your aesthetic goals of fuller, darker lashes.

What is Latisse?

LATISSE is an FDA-approved prescription treatment to help patients grow stronger, thicker eyelashes. Originally developed to treat glaucoma, patients began noticing increased eyelash growth. The product is now used to effectively treat hypotrichosis, a condition that affects hair growth. Hypotrichosis is considered a genetic condition affecting certain hair follicles, resulting in production of little or no hair.

Photos courtesy of Allergan, Inc.

Photos courtesy of Allergan, Inc.

During your personalized consultation with Dr. Sobel, he will discuss if this is an appropriate treatment for your aesthetic goals. We will consider your ocular health and any related medical history to rule out possible health risks. We’ll also address any questions and concerns you may have about possible side effects and applications. The most common side effect is some irritation in or around the eyes. Some other side effects include skin darkening, irritated eyelids, and dryness of the eyes.

Real, Beautiful Results

Growth is gradual, but you should see results slowly over the course of two to six months. After using the prescription for 8 weeks, you should start to see longer, fuller lashes, but full results will take up to 16 weeks. As long as you continue use of the product, you will experience longer, fuller lashes.

If you’re looking for something to help encourage the healthy growth of your eyelashes, come visit our office and ask about Latisse in Seattle. Contact us today to schedule your appointment—we look forward to working with you!