Dr. Sobel in the Media

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Eric Michaels of eHealth Radio interviewed Dr. Sobel about liposuction and why it remains his primary choice for safe, effective fat reduction.

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Dr. Sobel Featured in 425 Magazine

Ever wondered what the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures are? Dr. Sobel weighs in on fat transfer and body contouring.

Is “No Shame in Cosmetic Surgery” the Millennial Motto?

Dr. Sobel shares insight into millennials’ openness about cosmetic surgery and why younger generations are putting a stop to shame on The Millennial Miss.

Dr. Sobel Featured on Baby to Boomer

Learn about author Connie’s experience with BOTOX, why she chose Dr. Sobel, and how you can find the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic Surgeon: Do You Know The Difference?

If you need a non-surgical treatment like BOTOX or are considering a more dramatic change like breast augmentation, who do you choose? Baby to Boomer explores the differences between cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons.

Dr. Sobel Helps Shop With Me Mama Get Gorgeous Lashes

Blogger Shop With Me Mama was excited to visit Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery to see if Latisse eyelash enhancement serum was really worth the fuss. Hint: she loved her thicker, fuller lashes!