Will Smaller Breasts Be On-Trend in 2017?

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the country—and that fact hasn’t changed over the last year. But while breast implants are still chosen for their ability to increase bust size, improve shape, and correct asymmetry, aesthetic preferences seem to be shifting.

For many years at our Seattle cosmetic surgery practice, we’ve seen our patients opting for a more natural—though not always smaller—look with breast augmentation. The era of the large, firm, high “Baywatch breasts” has been dwindling for a while.

But accordingly to an article on Today.com, more and more women may be opting for smaller breasts or even choosing to have their breast implants removed completely.

Get the facts:

According to the article, a few things are happening:

  • Surgeons are reporting more breast implant removal surgeries
  • Traffic to breast implant removal forums has increased
  • The majority of women hoping for a change are having implants replaced rather than removed
  • According to many cosmetic surgeons, more women are choosing implants that look and feel natural, often in smaller sizes

Why are women having their implants removed or replaced?

While aesthetic preferences may be changing, it’s not abnormal for women to have secondary breast surgery, regardless of their size preferences. Most breast augmentation patients are happy with their breasts many years after their procedure, but breast implants are not lifetime devices—secondary surgery is part of ongoing maintenance.

Here are a some common reasons women may have their breast implants removed or replaced:

  • Changes in aesthetic or lifestyle preferences. We all change considerably throughout our lives, and our opinion on what looks and feels good on our bodies is no exception. Many women find that smaller, more naturally shaped implants simply fit their physique  or current lifestyle better, while others make a switch to go larger. Lastly, there are women who swap implants without changing size; many find they would prefer the more natural feel of silicone gel implants over saline or simply want to replace aging implants.
  • Complications with the implants. As breast implants age, the risk of complication increases, though instances are still rare. Rupture, capsular contracture, hardening, and asymmetry are some of the issues that can arise. Implants often have to be removed, but can be replaced by a surgeon skilled in breast revision surgery.

Do what makes you happy (with the help of a cosmetic surgeon)

Whether you are having breast augmentation for the first time or are looking to change things up with a revision augmentation, it’s important to work with an experienced, board certified cosmetic surgeon. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Alex Sobel. We can’t wait to help you!

Read the full article on Today.com here.

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