Check out this new scholarship for Washingtonian women interested in STEM!

If the viral #ilooklikeanengineer hashtag taught us anything, it’s that brilliant minds come in all shapes, sizes, and genders—in addition to reminding us that society still largely considers men to be representative of STEM.

But it’s 2017, and that frame of mind is not only outdated, it’s incorrect. While STEM-related fields are still male-dominated, female engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and technologists are doing amazing things every day, right alongside their male colleagues—and we as a society can do better in supporting their efforts and facilitating opportunities for them to succeed.

That’s why our very own Dr. Sobel developed the WISE (Women in STEM Excel) Scholarship for female students in Washington who are pursuing a degree in a STEM field.  Open to all female Washington citizens who are hoping to major in a STEM program, the WISE Scholarship is an opportunity for one eligible student to receive $1,500 in financial support for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Scholarship applications will be accepted through June 16, 2017. Click here get the details and find out how to apply. Good luck!

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