Why Does BOTOX® Cost More For Men?

BOTOX for men, often rsobel men botox blogeferred to as “Brotox”, is a non-surgical treatment that temporarily halts movement in wrinkle-causing muscles, leaving patients looking more refreshed and youthful. More men than ever are getting BOTOX®, and it’s not just newscasters, politicians, and movie stars. The number of men choosing the procedure has increased by more than 200% since the year 2000, and BOTOX for men continues gaining in popularity.

How Much Do Men Pay for BOTOX?

Men may be a bit surprised to find out that they can expect to pay about 20% more for BOTOX treatment than women, and wonder why it would cost more for them than the ladies they know. It may seem simply unfair, but there are a few reasons why BOTOX costs more for men.

The most key factor is the fact that the muscles in men’s faces are typically bulkier than women’s—this means doctors need to use more product for men to treat an equivalent area. More product translates to a greater overall cost. It may be tempting to ask your provider about using less BOTOX to cut down the costs, but this isn’t advisable because you need the right amount of product to see results.

Guys and Gals Have Different Needs

Men are also looking for different results than women. Guys typically want to get rid of the wrinkles that cause scowl lines or give them a heavy, angry brow. A good provider can make a man’s wrinkles more subtle while retaining a distinguished or handsomely weathered appearance.

Keeping a man’s face looking attractively mature while smoothing out lines requires quite a bit of nuance and specific understanding of male facial structure, so it’s important to choose your provider wisely. For best results, find a board certified cosmetic surgeon or licensed nurse injector with extensive experience injecting BOTOX for men.

See if BOTOX is Right for You

If you’re in Seattle, the best way to find out if BOTOX is right for you is to contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll learn if BOTOX is the right treatment to refresh your facial features, and we can help create an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve a masculine and youthful look.


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