Acne Treatments vs Microdermabrasion: Secrets Revealed

Acne Treatments vs Microdermabrasion: Secrets Revealed - Anderson Sobel Cosmetic SurgeryAcne got you down? Are facial blemishes leaving you feeling less than secure? At Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery, we understand. As a leader in cosmetic beauty treatments, we know what it’s like to want to achieve the best facial features possible. We’ve developed these simple guidelines to help you make informed decisions about potential treatments.

There are several techniques to achieve clear, healthy looking skin: among them are topical acne treatments, chemical peels, laser/light-based treatment (including photodynamic therapy) and microdermabrasion. While acne treatments focus on reducing and removing pimples caused by dirt, clogged pores, sweat and more, microdermabrasion removes some of the very top layer of the skin.

There is no one cause of acne, but there are a variety of treatments: killing the bacteria with antibacterial soaps, opening the pores with mild cleansers, and reducing the body’s naturally produced oils. Here, we offer the Obagi Clenzlderm method, a dedicated acne system only available through a prescription.

Microdermabrasion is different. This treatment came from European scientists who developed and pioneered its development back in 1985. The treatment uses aluminum oxide crystals, which are layered onto the skin to painlessly exfoliate layers of the epidermis. In other words, it acts like a mild facial peel that buffs away the dead surface layer of the skin.

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