An Inspiring Story: Teen Crowdfunds Body Contouring After Dramatic Weight Loss

Here at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery, we’re often called upon to assist people in reclaiming their body’s shape with lifting procedures. Helping people rid themselves of excess skin after significant weight loss and reclaim their confidence is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing the following Tennessee teen’s weight loss story. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Kaitlyn’s Story
Growing up on a steady diet of fried foods and unhealthy meals, Kaitlyn Smith weighed 200 pounds by the time she was in the 6th grade. As a teen living in Portland, Tennessee, Kaitlyn’s weight eventually reached 414 pounds. But, after a doctor told her she wouldn’t live to see her 25th birthday, Kaitlyn decided to make a life change. By following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, this Tennessee teen is now half the size she was a year ago, as reported by People magazine. While this is cause for celebration, she is now experiencing the downside of significant weight loss: leftover sagging skin.

Creative Use of a Crowdfunding Campaign
Kaitlyn soon learned about body contouring procedures that would relieve the physical and emotional health issues caused by her excess skin problem, and she turned to crowdfunding to raise the money needed. Through her online campaign with GoFundMe, Kaitlyn has raised about $7,500 so far. She’s well on her way toward raising the amount needed for the surgeries that will finally relieve her of excess skin on her chest, stomach, arms, and legs.

Emotional & Health Impacts of Body Contouring and Lifting
For people like Kaitlyn who have been overweight for most of their lives, achieving a total transformation like this takes a great deal of hard work and discipline. However, as Kaitlyn notes, what she’s been able to achieve on her own isn’t enough: the excess skin left behind makes her feel trapped in a body that does not reflect her new commitment to healthy living. Body contouring after weight loss allows a person to finally enjoy the rewards of their hard work and feel confident again.

In addition to cosmetic and mental health benefits, there are also medical reasons for body shaping and lifting surgeries after weight loss. Extra skin doesn’t just distort one’s appearance, it also gets caught in zippers, rubs painfully against fabric, and leads to yeast infections and rashes.

If you are interested in body contouring or lifting surgeries as a treatment for excess, loose skin, Dr. Sobel and his supportive team are here to help. Contact us at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a personal consultation and learn how body lifting procedures can help you to finally and fully celebrate your weight loss achievements.

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