How Chin Augmentation Helped One Man Get Ahead at Work

Wondering how to stay competitive at work with new (younger) talent knocking at the door? You could put in extra hours or beef up your credentials at night school. Or, you might consider having a cosmetic procedure. It worked for the finance professional featured in this story.

Appearance matters at the office. Confidence matters even more.

Aging is a natural fact of life, but for better or for worse, signs of aging can work against us in professional situations, particularly in highly competitive fields where looking sharp is not just appreciated, but expected. For instance, “Carl,” the man featured in the article, had always been slightly bothered by his moderately weak chin, but never felt the need to do anything about it until his early 40s.

He knew that any small boost in confidence would give him an edge over his (often younger) competitors, and that improving his chin and jawline would help him gain that extra confidence—in addition to helping him appear more capable and powerful to his clients and bosses.

He underwent non-surgical chin augmentation with fillers to help strengthen his chin, followed by Kybella injections to further refine his jawline. The verdict? He’s absolutely satisfied with the results, saying “it’s just the better version of how I looked before.” More importantly, he says the extra confidence he feels when getting dressed each day helps him perform better at work.

Real men have cosmetic surgery (a lot more than you might think)

Carl’s story is a great example of how attitudes are changing about cosmetic procedures for men. The idea that “real” men don’t take measures to look their best is thankfully on its way out, because it was never really true in the first place (how many hours did you spend getting ready for your most recent first date?). To quote the article:

“In a way, it’s not all that different from putting on a really nice suit — it makes you feel good about yourself. And, if you can pump yourself up and are more confident, you will perform better at work. None of that is 100 percent proven, but if it makes you feel better, that’s a good place to start.”— Carl, following chin augmentation

We’ve noticed this here at Anderson Sobel Cosmetic in Bellevue. Cosmetic surgery for men has always been a strong part of our practice, but over the past few years, Dr. Sobel’s male patients have become more and more interested in ongoing “maintenance” procedures to help them maintain their youthful edge.

Considering chin augmentation after reading this? Give us a call.

One of our most popular “maintenance” procedures for men happens to be chin and jawline contouring. Dr. Sobel is experienced in a variety of techniques for Bellevue chin augmentation—including temporary, non-surgical chin augmentation with fillers, as well as longer-lasting options like Kybella, liposuction, and custom-fit chin implants. If you would like to improve your lower face and jawline, he can help you design the ideal procedure plan to meet your goals. Call 425-453-9060 or contact us now to request a free consultation.

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