Thermage For Hands


Seattle, WA (PRWeb) March 5, 2007 – Seattle-area Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen B. Anderson announced Monday that his Bellevue cosmetic surgery clinic will now offer the latest and most advanced non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate aged and wrinkled hands, called Hands by Thermage. Hands by Thermage is the latest non-invasive treatment in the suite of Body by Thermage procedures and is designed to treat patients who want younger looking hands without surgery, injections or downtime.

Dr. Anderson is thrilled to offer his patients this exciting and effective procedure that can dramatically improve the texture, tone and appearance of hands. Patients are extremely pleased with the results and delighted that at last a comfortable, quick, and effective remedy is available to rejuvenate the delicate skin on the hands.

“The Thermage procedure promotes new collagen growth that improves the elastic properties of the skin,” said Dr. Anderson. “New collagen results in thicker and smoother appearance of the skin. We now are able to offer Thermage to improve the hands. It can have a pleasant impact on the thin, crinkled skin look.”

In a multi-center clinical study conducted by Thermage, the vast majority of patients treated with Hands by Thermage saw an immediate reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles on the back of their hands, with continued improvements over many months. Patients benefit from a single Thermage treatment with little to no downtime. Results are subtle and improve over time as new collagen forms.

Hands by Thermage is just one in a suite of Body by Thermage procedures and is designed for patients who have thinning skin on their hands, want to diminish the appearance of veins and gain more radiant skin texture. Rejuvenation treatments for hands are the latest trend in plastic surgery, as many believe one’s hands have become the last telltale sign of a person’s age.

The benefit of Thermage treatments for skin rejuvenation all over the body, noted Dr. Anderson, is the ease and effectiveness of the procedure when compared to other alternatives. “Thermage also enables us to offer facial treatment to patients who are not yet ready for a facelift. They have no down-time and may return to work immediately” said Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson was one of the first plastic surgeons to offer the Thermage treatment in the Seattle area and has remained on the forefront of advances in non-invasive skin rejuvenation including Thermage treatments for the face, neck, arms, legs, stomach and other areas of the body where skin may sag and show aging. Dr. Anderson specializes in the treatment of the face, head and neck and his Bellevue plastic surgery clinic also offers conventional cosmetic surgery procedures including facelifts, nasal surgery, eyelifts and browlifts.

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