Top 3 Reasons To Have A Body Lift Procedure After Weight Loss

Significant weight loss is a radical achievement for anyone who has battled with their weight. Even after achieving their weight loss goals, many people find that they still need a little help to get the figure they want. When it comes to completing the weight loss journey, a body lift procedure can address the lingering signs of your former weight. Here are the top three reasons to have a body lift.results from bodylift after weightloss

1) No more excess skin!

Many people are disappointed with their bodies, even after losing large amounts of weight, especially if they lost the weight quickly, because there is often an unfortunate reminder of their previous size: excess skin. Not only does this sagging skin prevent you from showing off your thinner, lighter body, but excess skin can also lead to discomfort. Sores, rashes, and chafing can all result from excess skin.

2) Increase your self-confidence!

After working so hard to lose weight, many of our patients are upset that they still don’t feel confident enough to show off the results of their diet, exercise, or weight loss procedure. By removing the extra skin that is left behind, your confidence will soar.

3) Complete your weight loss journey!

Get the body you imagined having when you started working toward your weight loss goal. When you made the decision to make a drastic change in your lifestyle, you probably didn’t imagine still feeling self conscious of your body. A body lift procedure is the perfect way to end your journey so that you can fully enjoy your new body.

At Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Sobel will work with you to create a personalized surgery plan to target your body goals. The body lift is ideal for candidates who have lost significant amounts of weight and are committed to leading healthy lifestyles moving forward. Patients should have steady body weights for at least three months before undergoing surgery. Patients considering a body lift should contact Dr. Sobel to start their transformation today.

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