Treating Cellulite: The Thermage Difference

Thermage Logo Photo - Anderson Sobel Cosmetic SurgeryFor women of all shapes and sizes, cellulite is a perennial problem. For many, no amount of diet or exercise can cure them of this unsightly issue – even liposuction does not rid the body of cellulite. Fortunately, Thermage, a noninvasive cosmetic procedure, offers an easy solution. This simple, FDA approved outpatient procedure levels and tightens skin for incredible results. Certified cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Sobel can successfully apply the treatment to various parts of the body, including legs, face, arms, neck, stomach and back.

While some noninvasive procedures require multiple treatments, Thermage patients have reported visible improvements to cellulite on the thighs and buttocks after just one treatment. Improvements to the treated area can last for years.

In addition to treating cellulite, this procedure addresses signs of aging, such as sagging skin and wrinkles. The radiofrequency treatment uses heating, cooling and vibration to reshape the collagen in your body, plus it doesn’t require needles or surgery! There’s no recovery time or special follow-up care, and most patients are able to resume regular activities immediately after treatment.

Thermage gives you real results that you won’t get by using over the counter treatments or even some surgical fat-removal procedures. With just one treatment, you’ll see a smoother, sleeker, and younger look that you can feel confident about.

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