Is It Rude to Ask My Injector for a Touch-Up?

It isn’t rude to ask your injector for a touch-up, particularly if you’re dissatisfied with your results. However, there are ways of asking that will help you get the results you want—and today we are going to give you some great tips.

For those of you following our blog, this is part two of our BOTOX Q&A series with board certified cosmetic surgeon and injectables expert Dr. Alexander Sobel (see part 1 on making BOTOX last longer here!). Let’s see what advice he has for us on asking for touch ups.

I’m worried about saying anything to my injector. Help!

The first thing to understand is that injectors are people, too. At the end of the day, most injectors provide these treatments because they enjoy making patients happy. If you are not satisfied with your treatment, or you are satisfied but think your results could be even better, sharing this with your injector will be rewarding for both you and them.

Relax, be honest, and focus on fostering great communication between you and your injector. Chances are they will enthusiastically respond to your interest in the details of your treatment!

How to ask for a BOTOX or filler touch up

Excellence in facial injections rests on the ability for the patient and provider to communicate well and learn from each other during the course of treatment. Here are some suggestions:

  • Instead of using the term touch-up, consider refinement instead. This helps reassure your injector that you are not taking them to task for an issue but rather working with them to take the results a step further.
  • Plan to pay for your refinement. Though in many ways facial injections are like getting an extremely high-end haircut, the cost of the injectable materials themselves generally make up a significant amount of the treatment. Further, the expense of maintaining a safe and excellent environment of care as well as your injector’s time should be considered. That being said, there are circumstances where treatment at a reduced fee is appropriate.
  • Ask for time for consultation prior to your visit. This is particularly important when you desire a revision; dissatisfaction often stems from inadequate communication. Don’t be shy about taking the time you need to get into nuanced specifics. These details should be of great interest to your injector.
  • Keep an open mind and expect your injectable plan to evolve. Treatment plans need to change over time. For example, you may experience disappointment with BOTOX if not using enough units—or not adjusting your treatment tactics. Treatment of other and adjacent areas as well as the combination of BOTOX and fillers needs to be considered. Evolving your plan over time allows the injector to enhance harmony and is the best way to help you realize your goals.
  • Be very honest with yourself. Spend time considering what your expectations of the treatment truly are and make sure that your provider specifically and thoroughly understands them.

Remember that you and your injector are on the same team.

Results that fall short of expectations can be very stressful. However, being aware that success in facial injectables requires active participation on the part of both you and your injector will help you remember that you and your provider are both on the same team. These treatments are supposed to be fun. Excellent teams accomplish excellent results and have fun doing so!

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