The results are in: Kybella is a great alternative to surgery for excess fat under the chin

confident woman with refined chin and neck
On the fence about how best to get rid of a double chin? This may help you choose a side: a new clinical study showed that Kybella injections are an effective treatment to reduce fat beneath the chin (a.k.a. submental fat), without surgery.

Those who received Kybella were more than 3 times as likely to experience a significant reduction in fat beneath the chin and be satisfied with the outcome.

Participants who received Kybella vs. placebo were more than 3 times as likely to experience a significant reduction in the overall volume of fat beneath their chin, confirmed by MRI scans. More good news: the Kybella group reported a significantly greater psychological boost and satisfaction with treatment.

Even better news: common adverse side effects were mild (swelling and bruising at the injection site were most common), temporary (gone in about 2 weeks), and occurred almost as often in the placebo group as the Kybella group. And this is just the latest of many clinical trials that have reported similar findings.

The best news of all? If you live in or near Seattle, Kybella injections are available right here in Bellevue with Dr. Alex Sobel. Our patients who’ve finished their recommended treatment course have been delighted with their results.

How does Kybella work exactly? It’s a medicine called deoxycholic acid that breaks down individual fat cells when injected directly into a fat deposit beneath the chin. While treatments are quick, comfortable, and require little to no downtime, a skilled provider with a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy is a must for a safe and effective outcome with Kybella. That is why Dr. Sobel chooses to perform Kybella injections himself at our practice—with board certification in both cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology, he has the training and skill to precisely place Kybella injections to achieve natural-looking, predictable results.

Ready to check out Kybella for yourself? Contact us now for a free consultation. We’ll help you learn the facts and see if Kybella is the right option for you.

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